Just the beginning…


Hi, everyone!  I am in the process of moving items over from my previous blog, and making this blog even better!  I will soon be adding photos of our school room, updating curriculum, and adding new pages and content!  Bare with me as I work on this project…I only have a few precious moments in between holding our newest addition, cleaning the house, and reading to our oldest!  I hope you all will enjoy this blog and use it as a way to keep up with our busy (but fun) life and the many adventures we will experience in homeschooling!  If there is anything you would like to see on our blog, please leave a comment!

Another quick note, I will keep our first names private on this site.  I will use nicknames.  Our oldest has decided…she will be called Jasmine, her brother’s will be Aladdin, mine is Wendy, and my husband’s is Peter Pan.  You can tell that Aladdin and Peter Pan are her two favorite movies at the moment….For my family, you know who we are:)

Thanks for supporting our journey and joining us in the adventure!


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