Summer Plans


So, our summer is going well!  We do not have much to do for school over the summer, so we are mostly just getting ready for next school year and having play-dates with friends.  Jasmine’s best friend is starting school at the end of August, so getting together on school days will no longer be an option:(  Here is our to-do list for each person:

Peter Pan:  Work, as always:)  We already went on vacation, so he is just working his typical schedule.  Lucky for him, the school room is already arranged how I want it, so this makes his task easier.  All he needs to do is review the Spanish and art curriculum we use because he teaches those subjects.

Wendy:  I have a lot more to do than I realized.  I have to finish organizing the school room and finalize the first two weeks of lesson plans (I have to add in handwriting).  I need clean this house until it sparkles!  I like starting the school year fresh, so I try to go through all the rooms and get rid of what we do not need.  I also like to have things organized so I can easily find them when the baby is crying and Jasmine is demanding a specific set of colored pencils before she can complete an assignment.  I need to cut out lamination and begin planning for the future (finding an American History program I am happy with is becoming difficult).  I also host an artist class once a month and I need to decide how I want to teach about this year.  In July, we are studying Van Gogh.  I will post about that another time…  Anyway, I am sure I am forgetting something, but that is the bulk of my responsibilities.

Jasmine:  Continue working on All About Reading Pre-Level 1 and finish her Noah’s Ark coloring book.  Other than that, she will be practicing gymnastics on the sofas, asking me thousands of questions, and playing with friends.  I am sure we will also read every book on her bookshelf a few times (and it is NOT a small bookshelf).  I think we will make a few trips to the library, as well.

Aladdin:  His biggest job at the moment is learning to sit up and crawl;)  His life is an easy one!

I hope your summer is amazing and filled with fun!


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