Starting the School Year with a Clean House


With only two weeks until our official First Day of School, I am frantically trying to get everything in order.  I have lesson plans done, but our house has fallen into a mild state of chaos.  Here are a few suggestions and a schedule for getting your house clean in two weeks:

Weekly tasks (I do these weekly, usually one big chore per day):  vacuum and mop, clean bathrooms, wash dishes (daily), dust, clean rooms, laundry (usually one load per day)

Day 1:  I tackle the cleanest room in the house – our school room.  I have been working on putting it together and organizing it for awhile now, so there is not much to do.  A quick survey shows that a simple straightening is all that is in order.

Day 2-3:  Clean kitchen, and I mean deep clean.  Move the stove and refrigerator (or wait until your husband is off and ask him to) and sweep/mop behind them (it is unbelievable how much gets stuck under these appliances).  Dust on top of the cabinets, if they do not reach the ceiling.  We have about a foot between the cabinets and the ceiling and dust loves to accumulate there.  Clean out the fridge and pantry.

Day 4:  Take a laundry basket or two and run through the living area, placing any items that do not belong in the living room in the basket.  Dust.  Lift the couch cushions and vacuum.  Organize movies.  Sort laundry basket items into piles by person, and then have each person put away their belongings.

Day 5:  Gather cleaning supplies and head to the bathrooms.  Scrub everything, even the windowsill that nobody sees.  Wash the bathmats.  Organize the medicine cabinets and under the sinks.  Clean the mirrors.

Day 6:  Laundry room.  Do any loads of laundry that need it.  Wipe down washer and dryer with damp rag.  Organize anything that needs it (we store cleaning supplies in ours, so I make a quick inventory and organize by type).

Day 7:  REST!

Days 8-10:  Clean bedrooms.  I allow one day per bedroom.  In the children’s rooms, go through toys and clothes (even yours) and donate what is not being used.  Organize bookshelves (although they will be destroyed in a heart beat, it is good to review what books your children already have).  Organize the toys that are being used and store them neatly in the closet (or toy box or any storage system you use).  When you are going through clothes, fold and either arrange by type (pants, shirts, etc.) or by outfit (my oldest likes to dress herself, so I put matching pairs together for her to choose from).  Dust.  Make the bed (be sure the sheets are clean).

Day 11:  Go outside and clean those toys.  Walk all over your yard and collect toys that have been hiding.  Go through and get rid of broken toys and donate toys that are not being used.  Organize toys somehow (we use plastic drawers or buckets).  Sweep patio.  Make some lemonade and enjoy a picnic lunch in a clean yard.

Days 12-14:  RELAX!  Enjoy a clean house before school starts.  Keep it clean by coming up with a cleaning schedule and sticking to it!  If you do a little each day, your house will stay clean.  Check out my schedule on the “Cleaning” tab!

I hope you all have an amazing school year, and I cannot wait to share ours with all of you!


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