Curriculum Decisions for 2012-2013!


We officially started school last monday, and we had a great week digging into the new books we will be using!  For the first week, we actually survived pretty well!  Barbie (my student) and Jasmine worked really well together, and Barbie really helps push Jasmine to do her work!  By subject, here is a look at what we will be using this year:

Bible:  We originally planned on using Explorer’s Bibe Study – Beginnings 1 …And it was Good.  Last week, we did this study during circle time.  However, I keep hearing about Grapevine Bible Studies, and decided to give them a try.  We will use EBS at night as a devotion and try the Beginning Esther study during the morning.

Math:  We are using Saxon Math K, but we are moving at a quicker pace (at least for now).  The lesson plans call for teaching three new lessons per week.  However, we are doing about 3 lessons a day.  Much of it is review for my girls, so until we hit some new material, we will move at a quicker pace.  I think we will be starting Saxon Math 1 toward the end of the year.

Reading:  Jasmine is continuing with All About Reading Pre-Level 1.  She is about half-way through it, and once she finishes she will move up to AAR Level 1.  Barbie is working on AAR Level 1, but she is picking reading up easily, so I am sure we will be completing AAR Level 2, as well.

English:  Barbie is working on WriteShop Primary A and will be beginning IEW’s PAL Writing program in September.  Once AAR Level 1 is complete, she will begin working on All About Spelling Level 1 and First Language Lessons 1.  Both girls are working on IEW’s Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization.  They are on Level 1.

Handwriting:  We are using Handwriting Without Tears.  Jasmine is mostly practicing on the slate board, and Barbie is completing the Kindergarten workbook.

Science:  We are doing a lot of hands-on activities for science this year using the book Science is Simple.  Last week, we learned about magnets.  I haven’t done lesson plans yet, but I think we are learning about seasons this week:)

Geography:  We are using “Expedition Earth” by Confessions of a Homeschooler to learn about the continents!  Last week, we had an introductory week and learned about maps and globes, and began making our own Paper Mache globes.  This week we will learn about Europe and the United Kingdom.  We are going out of order, but I figured we would do the UK because of the Olympics.

Art:  We use the Artistic Pursuits books for art.  Jasmine is working through the Pre-K book and Barbie is working through Book 1 for K-3.

Literature:  We read various books throughout the year.  See my “PK4 Curriculum” tab for the books we will be reading this year.  Last week, we read The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper.  I am also working through IEW’s Teaching the Classics seminar, which can be implemented with students in K-12th grade.  I haven’t even made it half-way through the first DVD, but once I finish it, I will post a review.  The program is supposed to help the teacher teach literature.  I LOVE IEW, and I am excited about using this product!

Health/PE:  We all use Horizons Physical Education PK-2nd grade, and Barbie is working on Horizons Kindergarten Health.  We do PE 3 times a week on top of Horseback riding (Barbie) and gymnastics (Jasmine).  Health is completed twice a week.

Spanish:  We use Sonrisas Spanish Level 1.  This program is fun for the kids, and fun for us!  We read a lot of books in Spanish and do some fun crafts!

Music:  Still undecided:(  I am still unsure what I want to use this year.  I am debating between Maestro Classics and a study by Bright Ideas Press.  I think we will start with Maestro Classics…I don’t plan on starting music until September, so I will let you know what we decide to use.  Feel free to offer suggestions, as well:)

So there it is…after months of agonizing over what to do, I was happy to see that the majority of my choices work well for everyone!  I am so excited for this year, because it is our first true homeschooling year!!!  I can’t wait to see how we all grow over the year!


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  1. Wonderful list! Lots of our favorites. I am a huge fan of First Language Lessons. I was soooo bummed when they decided not to publish Advanced Language Lessons and we had to find something else. Popping in from the Blog Hop.

    • So glad you could check us out! We are just getting started on this blog adventure! I really like FLL, too!!!! We switch to Rod and Staff after 4th. I will be sure to check your blog out. Thanks for commenting!

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