Our School Room for 2012-2013


Not much has changed in the school room since I updated the School Room tab, but we have made a few additions:)

 My extremely visual husband rearranged slightly to make our dining area more organized.  The workboxes were moved behind the table, and a small table is hiding in the back between the workboxes to provide a place for my teacher’s manuals.  We also added a whiteboard.  At the moment, it is mostly used for our daily schedule and our Grapevine Bible Study.  

Below is a snapshot of our revised workboxes!  I printed off the subject card from Confessions of a Homeschooler, and we are using these instead of numbers now.  Also, I am using the workboxes more as storage than a systematic system.  Each drawer houses a subject and contains everything the child will need for that week (worksheets, books, manipulatives, etc).  This set-up is working well for us so far.  We might switch back to numbers once they get a little older, but this helps us all stay organized.

Each child also has one of these storage containers on top of their workbox (I found them for a dollar in the Target dollar area).  The container holds their school supplies, supplies I need for the whiteboard, and their All About Reading/All About Spelling card boxes.

We added a “Pledge of Allegiance” chart to our calendar/circle time area.  This year is a first serious year of homeschooling, and I thought it would be fun to add the Pledge to our daily routine.

Not much has changed in this section, but I did add a white milk crate as a “library” bin.  When we check books out, the children have a specific place to put them in so they do not get lost!

I am pleased with our new additions thus far, and the school year is getting off to a wonderful start!


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    • I can’t remember where I saw this idea, but it has helped immensely! Ours were always disappearing, and I was sick of paying fines! Now, if the book does not get put back in the bin and does not get returned on time, the fee comes out of their piggy bank! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. We started off with a library bin but we quickly outgrew that (with two voracious readers and one beginner reader the books accumulate rapidly!) and so I switched to an entire small bookshelf dedicated to library books. I still pay fines! 😉 Oh well, one of these days I will figure out a better tracking system for when things are due.

    Great space!

    • Thanks, Jennifer!!! We started off with a shelf, and then switched to the bin. All but one of mine are too young to read independently, so we usually don’t have too many to keep track of. I got so sick of paying fines that I usually end up buying them through Amazon or Better World Books, but I am sure this will change once we have more independent readers:)

  2. This is very neat and well thought out, good job! We have a basket for our library books as well for the very same reason 🙂 Have a fun year!

  3. This is great! Good job! We have a basket for library books for the same reason 😉 have a great school year!

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