Baby School


At the beginning of every month, I am going to begin posting what our youngest does for his “school” time!  Yes, even our baby has “school” time!  However, my time with baby is a fun time where we get a chance to bond and work on important developmental skills.  We use Flowering Baby Birth-One Year, which I highly recommend.  Here is a peek into our day during Baby School:

We play peek-a-boo using Aladdin’s favorite burp rags…

We read a lot of stories.  Our current favorite is Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle…

And we work on sitting up…

Of course, we do much more than this all day long, but this time is Aladdin’s special time with Mommy.  He wakes up much earlier than the rest of our family, so we get a chance to spend some time together when I can just focus on him.  We also play classical music while we eat breakfast, and he is with me while I teach the older children.

Don’t forget to check out the Flowering Baby Review and Giveaway!  Their Birth-One Year curriculum is a wealth of ideas, and provides various stimulating activities for your baby (or older children)!  Have a great week!!!!


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