First School Break with Science Fun!


Yesterday marked our 7th week of school!!  I know…it has been that long already!!!!!  We all needed a break to shake things up a bit.  On our breaks, we do not do our typical school schedule.  I like to do a lot of fun activities that are learning related, but much more hands-on.  Today, we had some science fun using baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, and water.  The best part of this science experiment was that I had all of the materials on hand (i.e. it was VERY cheap).  This activity was a huge hit and took up most of our morning.

First, I got all of our supplies out.

For each girl, I filled 4 cups half-way with water and filled 4 cups half-way with vinegar.


I put a few drops of food coloring on each spoon, and then filled the spoons with baking soda.



I set up a “station” for each girl OUTSIDE.  This project can get messy, so I do not recommend doing inside.


The girls picked out a spoon and chose a cup to mix it in.  They had fun seeing if the cup would bubble up or nor, and they loved watching the clear liquids turn to bright colors!!!




After the experiment, we turned our colored cups into an art project by mixing the colors together.  This was a good lesson in showing that new colors can be created by mixing two different colors together.



The fun did not stop there!  Even after the liquids turned to an ugly greenish-brown color, they had fun pouring the water into different cups and making me “coffee” and “tea” to drink (which I did not actually consume).  It was such a beautiful morning with uncharacteristically cool weather, and it was so nice to get outside and enjoy the sunshine:)  We have few other fun activities for this break, and I will post anything else that is exciting!




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