All About Reading Level 2 Release and Sale!!!


We have been anxiously awaiting the release of All About Reading Level 2!!!  Great news…it was released today!!!!!!  All About Learning Press is having a sale on the AAR Level 2 program.  From today until October 8th, purchasers receive a 10% discount on All About Reading 2 products!!!!    You can click on my affiliate link in the “Favorites” section following the end of my posts, or click below:

We LOVE All About Learning Press!  We currently use All About Reading Pre-Level 1 and Level 1, and Barbie will be beginning both All About Reading Level 2 and All About Spelling Level 1 soon!

Here are some of the things you can expect your child to learn using AAR Level 2 (taken from website):

  • Reading contractions
  • Understanding homophones
  • Understanding synonyms and antonyms
  • Learning phonograms WH, EE, ER, AR, OR, ED, OY, OI, AW, AU, OW, OU
  • Gaining fluency and comprehension

These aspects do not cover everything that will be learned, but give a small sampling of what you can expect.  Follow my links and select All About Reading Level 2 to see samples, to get a placement test, and to order!  Reading and spelling have become a highlight of the day thanks to this program!!!!


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