How to Make Your Own Word Wall


I have heard of the word wall concept a few times now, but I have never purchased them or looked into them much.  However, as Barbie and I work our way through WriteShop Primary A, it was suggested that we should make one.  It was much easier than I thought, and I think I am really going to like this idea!

1.  Start off with an idea and a blank manilla file folder.  Our idea was “Words for Seasons.”

2.  Decorate the outside and write a title.  I drew mine by hand (it is not fancy), but you could also use pictures from magazines or pictures printed off of your computer.  Label the file tab.

3.  Make columns on the inside with different headings.  Think of words to write below the columns.  This step was harder than I thought because we live in a state where there is really only one season…summer!!

4.  Store somewhere safe and accessible.  We store ours in a hanging file folder that I can easily move from place to place.

See…not so hard:)  And it was cheap, too!  I have manilla file folders everywhere because we use them for lapbooks, projects, organization, and now for word walls!  Each morning, we bring out our word wall and use it to help us think of words to describe the weather outside.  Do you have any good ideas for word wall topics?


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  1. We should get together for this idea too. I don’t need a word wall for my classroom since they are younger, but I would be more than happy to create some folders with you 🙂

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