How to Make a Writing Idea Box


Barbie is all about writing lately, so I have been scrambling for fun ideas to help her.  Our latest edition to our writing toolbox is our Writing Idea Box.  This box can be used to help come up with ideas for writing projects.

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • index card file box (I had to go to W*l-Mart for mine because they did not have the right kind at T*arget…they may also have them at Off*ce Depot or St*ples)
  • index cards (unlined would be best, but I used lined because that is what I had in the supply closet)
  • old magazines (or computer and printer)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • colored pencils (if you will be doing any drawing)
  • marker
  • contact paper or tape

First, find or draw a picture of a light bulb.  Attach the picture to the front of the box or on top of the box.  I used contact paper, but simply taping it would work, too.


Next, make your idea cards.  Flip through old magazines or print off pictures from the computer.  You could also draw pictures if you prefer.  I also found some pictures from coloring books that I simply colored with colored pencils.  Cut out the pictures and glue them onto the index cards.  Label each card using a word.  Some of our ideas included flowers, horses, manatees, castles, space.  Jasmine suggested we add bugs and pirates.  We came up with a total of 10 to start off with.


Store the cards in your file box and pull them out when your child needs some new writing ideas.  Keep adding topics as you and your children come across new interests or fun ideas.  As I was flipping through some magazines, I pulled out several pictures that spurred ideas and will add them to the box over the next few weeks.


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  1. You are such a trip. I now see why you were trying to draw a light bulb 🙂

    I might have you make one for my classroom for some of my friends. Maybe we can save some magizines and have a picture clipping event!

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