Marriage and Homeschool


My life is busy.  My life is beyond busy.  My life is so busy it is crazy.  Between private tutoring, homeschooling, grad school, and family life, I feel like I barely get a chance to breath.  Teaching my children is one of my top priorities, and sometimes I forget to take the time to appreciate other people (ahem…my husband).  At the end of the day, after teaching, cleaning, playing, learning, I do not really feel like doing anything.  To make it even more difficult, my husband works late often.  On an early day, he is home by 6:45 (once a week).  Regular days, he is home by 7:45.  Twice a week, he is home after 9:30.  He gets home around my bed time (or at least when I wish I was in bed), and it is hard to want to be a good wife to him when all I can think about is counting sheep.  Our marriage is great (also greatly imperfect), and he is super supportive, but I want to give him more…more than just a quick phone call that is interrupted by crying children…more than a half-hour a night watching a TV show.  Then, I found our copy of The Love Dare by Stephen and Alex Kendrick.  This book is a few years old and we never started it, but I thought it would be worth a try!

My goal through this book is to help make our marriage even stronger.  My husband has no idea I am about to do this, and I am excited to see what rewards we get from it.  I want our marriage to stay strong through the times we are surrounded by craziness, because all to soon it will just be the two of us.  I do not want to wake up one day and feel like I have a stranger next to me.  I love my husband now, and I want us to be strong always!  Join me on my (secret) adventure!  Each day, I will be reading through The Love Dare and implementing the dares it gives me.  Each Tuesday, I will be posting about my experience.  I would love if you all would read this book with me and work on completing the dares.  Feel free to leave comments on each post I make about my own experience.  I would love to hear how it is going for you!


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    • Thanks, Angel!!!! That will help a lot for those not wanting to purchase the book! I do love the book, thought, because it has a few pages per dare of inspiring stories/devotionals. The pdf you linked to is accurate, and I love that it provides the Bible verses!

  1. This sounds great! I’m in…without any promises:) I am only planning on doing the PDF file that Angela post. (Thank you BTW!)

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