See the Light Art Class Review and Giveaway


This week, I am teaming up with See the Light for a review and a giveaway!

See the Light is an art program I have been looking at for awhile now. My husband is a very good artist, and I hope my children have inherited his talent.  I am not artistic, but I do think it is an important subject to teach and I am always trying to enhance my own knowledge of the subject.

As soon as the Volume 1:  The Basics DVD arrived in the mail, I decided to work it into our afternoon routine.  I gathered the following supplies and set them up in front of the TV:

  • Clipboards (One per child) – this was not on the materials list, but my kids LOVE to use clipboards
  • Paper (One sheet per child) – I just used white computer paper
  • Pencils (One per child) – just plain old #2 pencils

An eraser was also called for, but I have misplaced our good art eraser and I did not feel like it was really needed for the first lesson.

We then sat down to watch the first and second lesson.  The first lesson discussed the different art supplies we would be using.  Pat Knepley, the master artist, explained the benefits and disadvantages of each tool.  She also taught us how to use our supplies correctly.  In the second lesson, we learned about different types of lines and practiced making them all.  We then tried to draw an apple without looking at the paper we were drawing on.  My children thought this exercise was hilarious and enjoyed shouting “Don’t look at the paper!”  Here is what we ended up with (from the youngest to the oldest, with my husband’s last):

What I liked:

  • This course really does offer a biblical worldview.  Each lesson brings up a biblical story and an application to daily life.
  • Lessons are short enough to keep our attention but long enough to teach us.
  • Supplies are simple and inexpensive.
  • My children enjoyed it, and I had to make them stop watching it!
  • My husband (the artist in our family) believed the content to be accurate.  He liked that it started with the basics of art instruction and was excited about the concepts they were learning.

What I thought might be a potential problem:

  • Lessons move a little fast in some parts.  Keep in mind that my children are all 6 and under.  Pausing the DVD to allow time for each child to complete the instruction easily solved this “problem”.

I asked my oldest (also my student) if she wanted to keep using this program once a week.  She said, “Just once a week???”  Needless to say, this art program will become a staple in our homeschool routine.

Now…on to the giveaway!  See The Light has graciously offered to give away one copy of See the Light Volume 1:  The Basics to one of my lucky readers!  This giveaway will end October 31.  Winner will be drawn randomly using and will be announced November 1.  Upon winning, an address will need to be provided so you can receive your prize!!!

To enter, please leave a comment for EACH task you complete.

*Disclaimer:  I was given See the Light Art Class Volume 1:  The Basics DVD for free.  However, all opinions are my own.  I have been honest about my review and have expressed my feelings about this curriculum.


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  1. I liked the “See The Light” facebook page, looks like it could be a good fit for my daughter since she is always asking to take art classes, just not in the budget right now

  2. for our art, I love the Deep Sparkle website, it has great ideas, but the downside is that sometimes it takes a bit of work to organize it, I used it for a co-op before but it seems I always put art on the back burner since it is more work to clean up afterward, it seemed I could always justifying the extra effort for a large group vs just for two:) Though as I write this I am now convicted that God gave my three kids to me as my first priority, so I should be putting the most effort in for them:)

  3. We currently use Home Art Studio and Meet the Masters, as well as any cool project idea we might find on Pinterest. I love teaching art and I love gathering curriculum for teaching it! I would love to try See the Light Art.

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