Our family is not without its imperfections, but we each bring something wonderful to the world.  Here is a little information about each of us:

Wendy:  Because this blog was my idea and I write it, I will go first.  I am currently a graduate student with one year left of school.  I plan on being a professor of English Literature once my children have graduated.  At the moment, my life revolves around my family.  I am an avid reader (when I can grab a spare second to sit down).  I enjoy life, and love finding the beauty all around us.  I like scrapbooking, but cannot find the time to do it.  I also have various crafting projects started but incomplete.  I have high hopes of learning to play the piano in the near future, and love being at home with my children.

Peter Pan:  This man is amazing!  He supports me in all things, and works hard to provide for our family.  He can do anything he puts his mind to.  He is an amazing artist and he can always make me laugh, even if I am mad at him.  He is the love of my life, and I feel blessed to have him as a husband.  He does not like being talked about, but he really is a good man who loves his family.  He would do anything for us and makes us all feel special.

  Jasmine:  Our little girl is a character.  She is full of life and can talk more than anyone I have ever met (although my husband would tell you I rival her).  Her favorite school subject is art, although she likes math nearly as much.  She is a rising gymnastics star and loves practicing in the living room, even though I have told her that the sofa is not a bar and the table is not a beam.  She cannot get enough of being outside and loves being in the water.  She could live off of spaghetti-o’s (the organic kind), Lucky Charms, and apples if I let her.  She is just an all-around good kid who brings joy to our family.

  Aladdin:  He is too young to write too much about, but he is such a blessing to our family!  I love his little smiles and laughs, and I am secretly enjoying how much he demands to be held.  I love how he lays his head on my shoulder and looks for me when someone else is holding him.  I cannot believe how fast he is growing, and I am excited to see him as a little boy.  I am sure that he will bring more spark to our already sparkling life and keep us on our toes.


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