When one first begins to research homeschool methods, the results can be overwhelming.  I first would get set on just one method, and then get frustrated when it did not have a component I liked/wanted or I found another curriculum for a certain subject that I liked better.  After much research and deliberation, I decided that we would have an eclectic method, where I would piece together what we used from many different methods to form our materials.  Here are some of the aspects we look for:

Charlotte Mason method – lots and lots of books!!!!  We read all of the time.  We try to find books for each subject.  We do not necessarily include the books in our “core” lessons, but we will read books all day long and before naps/bed.

Well-Trained Mind method – similar to the Classical method, we teach the trivium (Grammar Stage, Logic Stage, and Rhetoric Stage).  I also like all of the grammar and history books by Susan Wise Bauer and the way they draw literature into history.  We also will teach latin.

Anything with notebooks/lap books – we enjoy note booking and other hands-on activities.  Our elementary science program uses note booking and I think it really helps us understand the information.

Overall, if we can use manipulatives or have a hands-on aspect, we love it!  Reading is also important to us, and I need a schedule of sorts to keep me accountable.  I do not think that one method is absolutely perfect, but aspects can be drawn from and used in a way to suit your family’s needs.  If you have any questions about our method or the methods discussed, leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer it:)


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