We have young children, so much of what we do is hands-on.  However, I like having a schedule and each subject has its’ own time slot.  Here is our usual schedule:

7:30a – Mommy and Daddy (usually Aladdin, as well) wake up.  Daddy gets ready for work, and Mommy gets ready for the day (getting breakfast ready, etc.).

8:00a – Daddy leaves.  Mommy gets a few chores done and attempts to read a few Bible verses.

9:00a – Jasmine gets up and we have breakfast.

9:30a – Aladdin goes down for nap #1.  We complete morning chores (breakfast dishes, make beds, and maybe get dressed into actual clothes).

10:00a – Bible – We complete our Bible study and pray together.

10:30a – Reading – As in learning how to read.  It is best for us to get this done in the morning when we are all in a good mood:)

11:00 a – Snack and Break

11:30a – Handwriting/Copywork/Logic

12:00p – History or P.E., depending on the day.

12:30a – Outside!!!!  If the weather is bad, we just stay in and play with toys.

1:00p – Lunch/Aladdin goes down for nap #2

1:30p – Math

2:00p -NAP!!!!!  Although I don’t (usually) get a nap in, at least I have some quiet time to get stuff done (like Blog).

3:00p – Snack

3:30p – Art or science, depending on the day.

4:00p – Outside again!!!!  Jasmine loves being outside.  We are lucky enough to live right next to a nice park, so I try to take her there a few times a week.

5:00p – Literature – We mostly read aloud.  If we have lap book work to do, we do it now.  Sometimes we get lucky and Aladdin will take a cat-nap about now (although this will only last for a few more months, it is nice now).

6:00p – Although I usually don’t eat until after Peter Pan gets home, the children eat now.  I sit at the table and talk with them about their day.

6:30p – Peter Pan teaches Spanish for about 30 minutes on Monday and Wednesday.

7:00p – I get the children ready for bed, and then they play quietly until Daddy gets home. We clean up any toys in the living room, too.

7:30p – Aladdin goes to sleep:)  Mommy hastily makes the house look presentable for Peter Pan’s arrival.

7:45p – Peter Pan gets home!!!!  We greet him with smiling faces and then let him wind down.  A little after 8, Jasmine begins recounting her entire day.  On Friday, Spanish is reviewed.

9:00p – Jasmine goes to sleep:)

I try to be in bed around 11p, but Peter Pan sometimes gets home around 10:30p.  On his late nights, I try to stay up a little later so we get a chance to talk about our days.

Please keep in mind this schedule is not strictly adhered to by us.  Whenever fun events arise (trips to the zoo, play-dates, etc), we make it fit!  The beauty of homeschooling is not needing to be on a strict schedule.  Our schedule just helps me stay on track, and I do try to follow it most of the time.  However, life can bring interruptions (both bad and good) and we try to make the most of them.  Also, sometimes it takes us less time to complete a subject.  Often, we just move up the next item on the list or play quietly if a break is needed.  Every family will have a different schedule.  My advice is to make a plan about what you want to get done and how long that will take.  Then, create a schedule following the times your family is most likely to complete the task.  I hope this helps someone, or just gives others insight into what we do each day:)


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