We do not have an extra bedroom or office to turn into a school room, so we had to be a little inventive.  Our house has a front room that is often forgotten by us, so I decided to turn it into a room for school.  We also sit on the couch to read, and we use the kitchen table as a desk.  I love kitchen table school because I can easily supervise both children.  Take a peek at our school area:

The above photo shows Jasmine’s workbox, our calendar area, and our bookshelves.  The black bookshelf holds curricula for upcoming years and holds our portfolios.  The small bookshelf on the left holds any student workbooks we are using, lab books, and 3 weeks worth of literature.

This is our map area!  It is pretty self-explanatory.

We put current artwork on the hanger (courtesy of IKEA).  The storage cubical houses all of our manipulatives, school supplies, literature for the year, puzzles, and teacher’s manuals.  My laminator is on top, too:)

My favorite part is the All About Reading (soon to be All About Spelling, too) board.  We just began pre-reading, so it actually does not get used that much at the moment.  Come mid-October, we start Level 1 of AAR, so it will get used much more!

Okay, so I know this looks boring, but one day soon there will be two additions.  One will be Aladdin’s workbox on the right.  Another will be a piano!!!  I do not have a time frame on this, but both Jasmine and I want to learn how to play!  I am sure a keyboard will appear first (maybe for Christmas?!), but one day I will buy a piano!

As soon as birthday decorations are cleared from the table, I will show you what our “desk” looks like!


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