Two-year-olds are full of energy!  We do not exactly do “school” with them at this age, but there are a few things I expect them to learn.  We use the Two-Three Year Old curriculum from Flowering Baby as a guide, and adjust the books to what we already own or get from the library.  The biggest things we learn this year are nursery rhymes, the ABC song, colors, introduce letters and numbers (up to 9), basic counting, and shapes.


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  1. just wanted to say thanks for the tip for this curr. I had never heard of it but I looked at it online and decided to order it for my son. I wasn’t sure which one to go with since he is just now 3 but thought this would be a better fit for us to start with based on what was covered. I have two older kids in middle school and so I thought I may have them help with the “teaching” as part of their school time too. We shall see how that goes:)

    • This program would work great with a 3-year-old! My four-year-old loves it, too. Just keep in mind that every child is different and does not need to be on a certain “level.” Make learning fun and they will always want to learn! Please let me know how it goes, and feel free to ask any questions. The main reason I started this blog is to help others!!!!

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