My husband is a neat freak.  It means a lot to him if he can come home to a clean house.  While he never complains if it is a mess, a clean house is one of the ways love is expressed toward him.  I have found that if I choose one cleaning task to complete each day, my life is a lot easier and our house stays fairly clean.  Here is an example of what I do to keep our house in order:

Daily tasks:  wash dishes, sweep kitchen floors, pick up toys (usually 5 minutes before Peter Pan gets home, we run frantically through the house picking up any toys we have played with during the day).

Laundry:  Laundry is not exactly a daily task, but I do try to do one load of laundry per day (and that includes folding and putting away).  I hate when I have a billion loads to wash and fold in one day, so I spread it out and it seems more manageable.

Monday:  Scrub kitchen.

Tuesday:  Dust and vacuum.

Wednesday:  Outside – yard work.  I do not cut the grass because Peter Pan LOVES working outside, but our whole family will go out and help him with making the yard look nice.

Thursday:  Tidy bedrooms.

Friday:  Clean bathrooms.

Saturday:  Vacuum and mop hard floors (including bathroom); vacuum carpeted areas.


Did I forget an area, and do you have extra rooms that need cleaning on a weekly basis?  Leave a comment and I will give you my suggestions on how to incorporate it into a cleaning schedule:)



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